Boiler Systems

The boiler plays a central role in a hot water heating system. It heats the water or steam that circulates around the house, so you need a boiler that delivers consistent service. The boilers Carlson Mechanical install are from trusted, leading boiler manufacturers such as Lochinvar, Burnham, Viessmann, and Triangle Tube. 

Carlson Mechanical specializes in custom boiler work that’s tailored to your individual system’s needs, including installation, repair, service, and troubleshooting, on everything from modern high-efficiency boilers to rare and exotic systems of yesteryear.

Not everyone installs boilers the same way!

Using the latest technology combined with time-tested engineering, Carlson Mechanical has developed a unique installation method to provide maximum comfort and longevity for the lifetime of your home.

Experts in steam systems

More art than science, the correct replacement and repair of a steam boiler is a rare skill. Luckily, the mechanics at Carlson Mechanical have the necessary knowledge to ensure a properly functioning steam-heat system. Installing new and modern steam boilers is Carlson Mechanical’s specialty!

Types of boilers we repair

  1. Steam
  2. Hot Water

  • Fuel Types:
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Electric
  • Propane

Whether your boiler is steam, gas, oil, electric, or propane, our skilled mechanics can work on all makes and models. Contact us for service! Please be aware we do not work on forced air systems.

Why is annual service important?

As one of the hardest working pieces of equipment in your home or business, a boiler benefits from regular maintenance. Annual maintenance of your boiler can prevent unwanted breakdowns by catching small problems before they expand into expensive fixes. You can also help avoid a no-heat surprise and the subsequent rush of finding a company on short notice.

Schedule backflow testing for your boiler

We offer backflow testing for boilers in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Local utility companies require backflow testing annually.

Historic homes are our specialty

If your home was built in the late 19th to early 20th century, Carlson Mechanical is the place to call. Not everyone has experience repairing original gravity hot water or steam-heating systems. However, our area of expertise is in repairing steam boiler systems or upgrading them to newer, more efficient gas boiler systems. Whatever your home needs, our boiler mechanics understand older systems.